ISO 9001:2008 Certified


Flow Analysis

The flow analysis carried out to determine efficient and optimized heating and cooling performance of system and also aerodynamic effect of vehicle body profile study.  

Durability Evaluation

Safety, reliability and economic efficiency are central criteria for the successful development of products and components. Durability describes their ability to tolerate static and dynamic loads without damage within the designated service life, taking relevant environmental conditions into consideration.

The estimation and proof of durability plays a vital role not only in the design of all types of aircrafts and vehicles, but also in mechanical and plant engineering.

Component Level Analysis

Analysis carried out for individual components to evaluate stress, deflection, durability under various loading conditions.

Suspension & Steering Evaluation

Suspension system response during bump hit and rejounce conditions, vehicle braking, acceleration, cornering. The goal is to provide passenger comfort and stability in ride.

Vehicle Ride & Handling

The vehicle's response and reaction to the input of driver and performance evaluation of the vehicle during cornering, acceleration, braking and steady state directional stability

  • Full Vehicle Simulation ( Ride, Handling, Durability )
  • Suspension Design / Optimization (K&C)
  • Steering Mechanism Design / Performance Evaluation
  • Engine Dynamics ( Mounts, Crankshaft Vibration )
  • Passenger Vehicle Frontal Crash, Bus ROPS
  • Wiper system study ( force evaluation, overshoot and undershoot estimation, Wipe quality, Drag and lift prediction on wiper arm )
  • 2 Wheeler, 3 Wheeler, 4 Wheeler, tractor, special purpose Vehicles
  • Driveline NVH
  • CVT performance study
  • Clutch Judder Evaluation
  • Electro-mechanical component evaluation ( Alternator bracket analysis for stress & vibration, Starter motor component analysis )
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